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Methods and Findings
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Volume 25, Issue 8, October 2003, Pages 601-682



The changes of hepatic metallothionein synthesis and the hepatic damage induced by starvation in mice. N. Sogawa, C.A. Sogawa, H. Fukuoka, Y. Mukubo, T. Yoneyama, Y. Okano, H. Furuta and K. Onodera
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Evaluation of antiepileptic activity of aspirin in combination with newer antiepileptic lamotrigine in mice. M. Tandon, K. Anuradha and P. Pandhi
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Novel complement C1 inhibitor BSF468248 does not improve brain damage after cortical vein occlusion. T. Kaido, A. Heimann and O. Kempski
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Hypoglycemic effect of Hypoxis hemerocallidea corm (African potato) aqueous extract in rats. I.M. Mahomed and J.A.O. Ojewole
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Pharmacokinetics of omeprazole in patients with liver cirrhosis and extrahepatic portal venous obstruction. R. Kumar, Y.K. Chawla, S.K. Garg, R.K. Dixit, S.K. Satapathy, R.K. Dhiman and V.K. Bhargava
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Relative bioavailability and bioequivalence of a newly developed fixed combination sachet of acetylsalicylic acid and pseudoephedrine compared with a preliminary combination. P.W. Lücker, M. Birkel, B. Hey, I. Loose and A. Schaefer
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Irinotecan (CPT-11) in metastatic colorectal cancer patients resistant to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU): A phase II study. A. Antón, E. Aranda, A. Carrato, E. Marcuello, B. Massutti, A. Cervantes, A. Abad, J. Sastre, C. Fenández-Martos, M. Gallén, E. Diaz-Rubio, L. Huarte and M. Balcells
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Efficacy and tolerability of the hormone replacement drug estradiol valerate/levonorgestrel in the treatment of menopausal syndrome in Thai women. A. Chittacharoen, R. Domhardt1, J. Manonai and S. Golbs1
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M. Bayés, X. Rabasseda and J.R. Prous
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