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Methods and Findings
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Volume 23, Issue 7, September 2001, Pages 377-423



In Vitro Assay of Collagen Gel Contraction by Cardiac Fibroblasts in Serum-Free Conditions. P. Lijnen, V. Petrov and R. Fagard
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Effects of Histamine and Related Compounds on the Differentiation of HL-60-Eo Cells into Eosinophils. K. Shimada, T. Abe, Q. Zhao, M. Mio and C. Kamei
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Lipophilic Statins can be Osteogenic by Promoting Osteoblastic Calcification in a Cbfa1- and BMP-2-Independent Manner. N. Izumo, T. Fujita, H. Nakamuta and M. Koida
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Bisphenol A Enhances Cadmium Toxicity Through Estrogen Receptor. N. Sogawa, K. Onodera, C.A. Sogawa, Y. Mukubo, H. Fukuoka, N. Oda and H. Furuta
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Influence of Acute Copper Deficiency, Cold-Restraint Stress and the H2 Blocker Ranitidine on the Severity of Acute Gastric Mucosal Lesions and Lipid Peroxidation in Rats. H. Velinov, M. Mileva and C. Nachev
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Impact of Pharmacotherapy on Lymphocyte Volumes and Activity of the Na+/H+ Exchanger in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure. M. Feuring, I. Jester, H.C.T. Tillmann, T. Bertsch, I. Kugler, B.M. Schmidt and M. Wehling
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Acceptability and Profile of the Clinical Drug Trials Underway in Finnish University Hospitals in the 1990s: Applications Reviewed by Ethics Committees. T. Keinonen, S. Nieminen, V. Saareks, V. Saano, P. Ylitalo
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