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Drugs of the Future
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Volume 30, Issue 12, December 2005, Pages 1205-1304
Anti-HIV agent, Reverse transcriptase inhibitor.
McIntyre, J.A., Castaner, J.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1205
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Antiepileptic drug.
Rosenberg, G., Friedman, J.E., Shapiro, I., Kozak, A.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1212
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Asthma therapy, Treatment of COPD, β2-Adrenoceptor agonist.
Davies, S.L., Castaner, J.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1219
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Oncolytic, Dual EGFR and erbB-2 inhibitor.
Boyd, B., Bozzo, J., Castaner, J., Bayes, M.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1225
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 New oral iron-chelating drugs for the treatment of transfusional iron overload and other diseases.
Kotonghiorghes, G.J.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1241
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 Phytotherapies for diabetes.
Zareba, G., Serradell, N., Castaner, R., Davies, S.L., Prous, J., Mealy, N.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1253
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 Sitaxsentan: update on basic science studies and clinical trials supporting selective endothelin ETA receptor antagonism in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Davie, N.J., Coyne, T.C., Dixon, R.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1283
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 Pharmacostructural Index.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(12): 1295
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