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Drugs of the Future
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Volume 30, Issue 10, October 2005, Pages 985-1076
Endometriosis therapy, Treatment of uterine fibroids, Selective progesterone receptor modulator.
Cole, P., Castaner, J., Fernandez, D.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 985
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 Bifeprunox Mesilate.
Treatment of bipolar disorder, Treatment of schizophrenia, Dopamine D2 receptor partial agonist, 5-HT1A receptor agonist.
Sorbera, L.A., Castaner, J.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 992
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Prostate cancer therapy.
Rabbani, S.A., Shukeir, N., Garde,S., Wu, J.J., Panchal, C.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 998
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Treatment of actinic keratoses, Acute myeloid leukemia therapy, Treatment of basal cell carcinoma, Protein kinase C activator.
Hampson, P., Wang, K., Lord, J.M.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1003
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Treatment of AIDS-associated lipodystrophy, Treatment of cachexia, Growth hormone-releasing factor analogue.
Sorbera, L.A., Castaner, J., Leeson, P.A.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1006
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 Bispecific antibodies as emerging pharmaceuticals for tumor immunotherapy.
Aramwit, P., Liu, X., Cong, X., Lam, L., Cao, Y.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1013
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 Current status of gene therapy for lung cancer.
Vattemi, E., Claudio, P.P.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1017
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 MV-6401, a potent photosensitizer in experimental animal models: a review of this agent and the current state of photosensitizing agents for the treatment of exudative age-related macular degeneration.
Ciulla, T.A., Oliver, A., Comer, G.M.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1031
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 New agents for imaging the cardiac nervous system?.
Pauwels, E.K.J., Arkies, H.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1039
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 Recent advances in antiangiogenesis strategies.
Mousa, S.A., Mousa, A.S.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1047
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 Recent advances in the structural modification of ligustrazine and cerebro/cardiovascular activity of ligustrazine derivatives.
Cheng, X.-C, Liu, X.-Y., Xu, W.-F.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1059
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 Targeted therapies directed to tumor-associated antigens.
Everts, M.
Drugs Fut 2005, 30(10): 1067
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