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Drugs of the Future
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Volume 22, Issue 8, August 1997


ABT-431. Antiparkinsonian, Dopamine D1 agonist. M. Merlos, A. Graul, J. Castañer

Adefovir Dipivoxil. Anti-HIV, Anti-HBV. A. Graul, J. Castañer

FK-960. Cognition enhancer. A. Graul, M. Tracy, J. Castañer

Methylprednisolone Suleptanate. Corticosteroid prodrug. A. Graul, P. Leeson, J. Castañer

ONO-4007. Antineoplastic, Biological response modifier. A. Graul, A.M. Martel, J. Castañer

SPA-S-753. Antifungal. R.A. Fromtling, J. Castañer

Tasosartan. Antihypertensive, Angiotensin II antagonist. M. Merlos, A. Casas, J. Castañer


Gene therapy for cancer. H. Chong, R. Vile

Inhibitors of the nuclear translocation of the HIV-1 preintegration complex. M. Bukrinsky

The evolution of an oral heparin dosing solution. A. Leone-Bay, H. Leipold, R. Agarwal, T. Rivera, R.A. Baughman


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