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Drugs of the Future
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Volume 47, Issue 5, May 2022, Pages 303-405
TIM-3-targeting monoclonal antibody, Treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome, Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.
Ussowicz, M.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 303
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 Tebipenem pivoxil hydrobromide.
Penicillin-binding protein (PBP) (bacterial) inhibitor, Carbapenem antibiotic, Treatment of urinary tract infections.
Ahmad, M.N., Dasgupta, C.N., Chopra, S.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 311
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Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor, Treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Orlandi, R., Gajofatto, A.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 325
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 Positioning of hafnium oxide nanoparticles therapy in cancer treatment.
Hernandez-Guerrero, T., Doger, B., Luna, J., Azinovich, I., Moreno, V.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 337
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 Targets to watch in neuroinflammation: focus on RIPK1.
Romano, M.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 347
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 Pipeline on the Move.
Fernandez Bertolin, L.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 365
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 American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics – 123rd Annual Meeting. Virtual – March 16-18, 2022.
Vila, R.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 381
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 American Chemical Society – 263rd National Meeting and Exposition. Virtual/San Diego – March 20-24, 2022.
Fernandez-Llamazares, A.I., Chadrasekaran, S.K., Cole, P., Bofill, X.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 387
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 BIO-Europe Spring Digital 2022 – 16th Annual Partnering Conference. Virtual – March 28-31, 2022.
Cruces, E.
Drugs Fut 2022, 47(5): 399
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