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Drugs of the Future
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Volume 43, Issue 8, August 2018, Pages 555-633
Broad-spectrum β-lactamase inhibitor, Treatment of multidrug-resistant infections.
Moro, L.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 555
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Selective prostaglandin DP2 (CRTh2) inhibitor, Treatment of asthma.
Singh, J., Saroj, P., Kumar, B., Kuhad, A., Kuhad, A.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 565
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Soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) activator, Heart failure therapy.
Gras, J.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 573
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 Anxiolytic properties of cannabidiol.
Meireles da Fonseca, G.E., Vieira-Coelho, M.A.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 581
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 Pipeline on the move.
Torramade, E., Gonzalez Brao, M.M., Mila, M.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 593
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 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) – 2018 Annual Meeting. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – April 29-May 3, 2018.
Croasdell, G.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 605
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 American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) – 21st Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois, USA – May 16-19, 2018.
Verges, C.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 611
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 American Society of Clinical Oncology – 54th Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois, USA – June 1-5, 2018.
Kibble, A., Al-Shamahi, A., Kuennemann, K.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 617
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 Current Trends in Drug Discovery – Young Scientists and Tomorrow's Medicines: Highlights from a joint Society for Medicines Research and British Pharmacological Society meeting. King's College London, London, UK – June 7, 2018.
Blackburn, T., Fallah-Arani, F., Porter, R.A.
Drugs Fut 2018, 43(8): 627
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