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Volume 39, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 835-892
 Apatorsen sodium.
HSPB1 (HSP27) expression inhibitor, Treatment of prostate cancer, Treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma, Treatment of bladder cancer, Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.
Haddley, K.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 835
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Human anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody, Immune checkpoint inhibitor, Oncolytic.
Cole, P.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 843
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 Glucokinase activators in development for antihyperglycemic purposes.
Akiyode, O., Wiley, K., DeBellis, H., Dorion, A.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 849
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 Future prospects for cannabinoids and endogenous cannabinoid system in the epileptic brain – a short overview of the latest scientific reports.
Andres-Mach, M., Haratym-Maj, A., Zagaja, M., Chroscinska-Krawczyk, M., Luszczki, J.J.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 857
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 Bladder cancer: new drugs in the pipeline & the role of biomarkers.
Graul, A.I., Kamerkar, S.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 865
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 Pipeline on the move.
Navarro, D., Gonzalez Brao, M.M., Mila, M.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 869
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 European Association of Nuclear Medicine – 27th Annual Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden – October 18-22, 2014.
Searle, B.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 875
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 26th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, Barcelona, Spain – November 18-21, 2014.
Fernandez, D., Godoy, L.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 881
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 American Society of Hematology (ASH) – 56th Annual Meeting and Exposition – San Francisco, California, USA, December 6-9, 2014.
Bofill, X., Stringer, M., Lopez, N.
Drugs Fut 2014, 39(12): 887
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