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Drugs Today 2018, 54(10): 591
ISSN 1699-3993
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CCC: 1699-3993
DOI: 10.1358/dot.2018.54.10.2869771
Emicizumab for routine prophylaxis to prevent bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia A
Diaz-Ricart, M., Isola, I.M., Escolar, G.
Hemophilia A is an X-linked bleeding disorder caused by defects in the gene encoding factor VIII (FVIII). Routine prophylaxis with exogenous FVIII requires frequent intravenous injections. One of the most challenging issues in the treatment of hemophilia A is the development of alloantibodies against infused FVIII. Presence of inhibitors results in an ineffective factor replacement therapy and increases the risk of morbidity and mortality in these patients. Therefore, there is growing interest in the development of new strategies for the prophylaxis and prevention of bleeding in patients with hemophilia to circumvent these drawbacks. Emicizumab (ACE-910; Roche, Genentech and Chugai Pharmaceutical) is a recombinant humanized bispecific antibody that restores the function of missing FVIII by bridging activated FIX and FX, simulating the cofactor function of FVIII.

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