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Methods and Findings
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Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 2005, 27(2): 127
ISSN 0379-0355
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CCC: 0379-0355
DOI: 10.1358/mf.2005.27.2.876286
Solid lipid nanoparticles as drug delivery systems
Manjunath, K., Reddy, J.S., Venkateswarlu, V.
For a decade, trials have been made to utilize solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) as alternative drug delivery systems to colloidal drug delivery systems such as lipid emulsions, liposomes, and polymeric nanoparticles. Various lipid matrices, surfactants, and other excipients used in formulation, preparation methods, sterilization and lyophilization of SLNs are discussed in this article. Entrapment efficiency of drug carrier and its effect on physical parameters, drug release, and release mechanisms of various compositions are reviewed and discussed. Important points in characterization and stability of SLNs are outlined. Various in vitro studies carried out by different research groups are mentioned in addition to in vivo evaluation. Exploitation potential of SLNs to administer by various routes of administration are covered. Passive and active drug targeting using SLNs are presented.

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