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Methods and Findings
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Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 2010, 32(10): 713
ISSN 0379-0355
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CCC: 0379-0355
DOI: 10.1358/mf.2010.32.10.1522224
Valeriana jatamansi partially reverses liver cirrhosis and tissue hyperproliferative response in rat
Prasad, R., Naime, M., Routray, I., Mahmood, A., Khan, F., Ali, S.
Valeriana jatamansi (family, Valerianaceae) is a traditional medicinal herb in the Indian subcontinent. This study provides experimental evidence indicating the therapeutic effect of the extract prepared from the dried rhizome of the herb in an animal model of liver cirrhosis and on cell proliferation. Liver cirrhosis was induced in rats by thioacetamide (0.03% in drinking water for 16 weeks). After inducing liver cirrhosis, rats were administered the extract orally for 9 weeks. Treatment was found to partially reverse the elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase, γ-glutamyl transferase and selected biochemical markers of hepatic injury including drug-metabolizing enzymes. Histopathology of the hepatic tissue confirmed the therapeutic effect of the extract which corroborated with the biochemical changes. The extract is also reported to ameliorate hepatic cell proliferation in rats injected with thioacetamide. The study has implications in finding a treatment for liver cirrhosis in humans.

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