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Methods and Findings
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Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 2010, 32(7): 507
ISSN 0379-0355
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CCC: 0379-0355
DOI: 10.1358/mf.2010.32.7.1472183
Acceptability and tolerability of levetiracetam oral solution for the treatment of partial-onset seizures: the SOLUCIÓN study
Matias-Guiu, J., Molins, A., Mauri, J.A., Villar, E.
This cross-sectional, observational study evaluated the use of levetiracetam oral solution in usual clinical practice. Patients greater than or equal to 16 years with partial-onset seizures (had received levetiracetam oral solution for greater than or equal to 28 days) completed a study questionnaire assessing overall acceptability of levetiracetam oral solution, specific organoleptic characteristics (taste, taste intensity, aftertaste), ease of use and convenience. Tolerability was assessed by evaluating adverse events. Of 389 patients, 92.8% (361/389) were evaluable for acceptability, all (389) for tolerability; 65.3% (236/361) rated levetiracetam oral solution very acceptable or acceptable, 41.5% (150/361) pleasant or very pleasant, 54.3% (196/361) neither strong nor mild taste intensity and indicated the drug left an aftertaste (most stated aftertaste did not bother them), 75.3% very easy or easy to use and 61.8% very convenient or convenient to use. There was a positive relationship between overall acceptability of levetiracetam oral solution and favorable responses for organoleptic characteristics, ease of use, convenience and patients' evaluation of treatment compliance (P < 0.0001 for each). Of the 176/353 who previously received another antiepileptic drug and reported preference for a medication, 72.2% (127/176) preferred levetiracetam oral solution and 39/389 (10%) reported adverse events. Levetiracetam oral solution demonstrated a high degree of patient acceptability in adult patients with partial-onset seizures and was well tolerated.

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