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Drug News Perspect 2000, 13(9): 517
ISSN 0214-0934
Copyright 2000 Clarivate
CCC: 0214-0934

Should the human experience reflect the evidence from experimental systems, the HSPs shall truly revolutionize the practice of medicine.

Heat Shock Protein-Based Novel Immunotherapies

by Pramod K. Srivastava


The ability of heat shock proteins to chaperone peptides, including antigenic peptides; to interact with antigen-presenting cells through a receptor; to stimulate antigen-presenting cells to secrete inflammatory cytokines; and to mediate maturation of dendritic cells makes them a unique starting point for generation of immune responses. These properties also permit the utilization of heat shock proteins for development of a new generation of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases. © 2000 Prous Science. All rights reserved.

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