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Drug News Perspect 2007, 20(6): 413
ISSN 0214-0934
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The Internet, along with vast inexpensive data storage and the rapid growth in biological sciences and medical research is changing publishing and begs for a new paradigm for publishers.

The Changing Role of a Publisher and the Publisher of the Future

by Stephen Heller


The manner in which the slow, but inevitable, change in the way scientists will communicate in the future is presented. Examples from past and recent history show how change, while difficult for many, does and will occur in spite of large barriers, primarily from the existing power structure of the organization in charge and control of scientific publishing and database distribution. Those forward thinking and acting publishers who understand these changes will be able to develop new products which will both help the scientist in his/her work and be a viable economic business model for such companies to prosper in the future. © 2007 Prous Science. All rights reserved.

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