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Drug News Perspect 2009, 22(3): 177
ISSN 0214-0934
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CCC: 0214-0934
DOI: 10.1358/dnp.2009.22.3.1354132
Psoriasis: From gene to clinic
Izco, I.
The 5th International Congress "Psoriasis: From Gene to Clinic" took place in London, December 4-6, 2008, at The Royal College of Physicians. The understanding of psoriasis pathology has greatly transformed during the last few years. This transformation is due to the contribution of translational research, and gathering knowledge from clinical and basic research, in areas such as targeted biologicals in patients, wide gene expression analysis in cutaneous biopsies and identification of susceptibility genes to psoriasis. All this information is reflected in the contents of this meeting. The topics presented in this report have been organized into the following areas: genetics, immunology, comorbidities and therapeutics.

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