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Drugs Fut 2020, 45(2): 137
ISSN 0377-8282
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CCC: 0377-8282
DOI: 10.1358/dof.2020.45.2.3128649
American Society of Hematology - 61st Annual Meeting and Exposition. Orlando, Florida, USA - December 7-10, 2019
Stringer, M., Walker, G., Sridevi, M.
The 61st Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) offers the ideal platform for the presentation of the latest international research and breakthrough advances in the treatment and management of hematological diseases. Many thousands of attendees, including a roll call of eminent experts, descended upon "The City Beautiful", the southern state of Florida's city of Orlando, to attend educational symposia, poster presentations, teaching workshops and keynote lectures at the Orange County Convention Center. Of particular interest this year was the further development of very promising bispecific monoclonal antibodies for use in the therapeutic intervention of multiple myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia and hemophilia, among others.

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