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Drug Data Report
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Drug Data Report is no longer published.

Drug Data Report publishes essential drug information in condensed monograph form to facilitate faster and better-informed decisions in research programming.

The journal publishes approximately 10,000 new bioactive compounds each year, including chemical structures and preliminary drug research results. Taking the lead from the latest patent literature, numerous patented compounds are covered each month (including general formulas) selected from the most recent patent, biomedical and congress resources.

Drug Data Report provides access to this essential drug information, appropriately validated and classified by mechanism of action, to facilitate informed decision making.

Information Sources:

Patent literature: Drug patents from 11 sources (BE, CA, CH, DE, EP, ES, FR, GB, JP, US, WO) are analyzed and preferred compounds are selected.

Current literature: More than 1,500 journals are reviewed.

Congresses: More than 300 meetings are covered annually.

Manufacturers' communications: More than 1,200 companies provide product information.

  • p-ISSN: 1579-1793, e-ISSN: 2013-0147 (B-47250-2009)

  • Published: 1985-2010

  • 11 issues/year plus annual index

  • Reader profile: Medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, molecular biologists and other researchers involved in the development of drugs/biologicals, as well as corporate strategy directors

  • Indexed in: DatastarĀ®, STN International (Chemical Abstracts Service) and MDDR (Symyx Technologies)

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